KPSC Thulasi Login & Registration 2018

Kerala PSC KPSC Thulasi Login & Registration 2018

Kerala is a state of India with a literacy rate of 93.91%.  KPSC is a body in the state of Kerala which is responsible to conduct various government examinations in the state and for the recruitment of candidates who are brilliant in their work and can provide best services to the states. The government wishes to hire the aspirants who are hard working can perform to the best of their capabilities while rendering services to the state. The same is the duty of KPSC board. It has its headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram. Sri Krishna Bajpai who is an IAS is the controller of examinations that are conducted in the state. There are various sections in KPSC. These sections are:

  • Accounts
  • Administration
  • Examination
  • Computer branch
  • Clearance branch
  • Consultation branch
  • RHS branch
  • Confidential branch
  • Information cell
  • Legal cell
  • Recruitment
  • Information centre
  • Departmental exams

These departmental examinations in the state are conducted in two sessions 1st is between January to June and 2nd is from July to December. Apart from recruitment the other duties of KPSC board are advising the government in the matters concerning the process of recruitment of candidates. It also advises various officers for promotions and demotions from various posts. It also gives its opinion on the decisions concerning grant of pensions etc.

KPSC Thulasi

KPSC Thulasi Login & Registration Process

When an aspirant is applying for KPSC jobs he/she gets utterly confused. This happens for a reason that the job opportunities in KPSC are various but the eligibility criterion differs for each. Thus what an aspirant does is in place of applying for the job he was willing to he ends up applying for some other job because of the reason that he gets confused with the eligibility criteria and thinks the job he/she is applying that job’s eligibility criteria matches him/her. To avoid these misunderstandings in an aspirants mind the Kerala government came up with the idea of KPSC THULASI Home Page login and registration which proved a remedy for all the problems of every aspirant. THULASI is a onetime registration of the aspirants who are willing to apply for the various jobs of KPSC. Once the aspirant registers himself/herself under THULASI he/she gets all the notifications of all the jobs he/she can apply for automatically. The KPSC board does this for them so that they aren’t confused with the eligibility criteria and the government is able to hire the best and most deserving candidate for various jobs. These registrations can be done either online or if an aspirant is facing any problem applying online then he/she can download the software application for the same in order to register and get notifications. The official website for THULASI registration is

KPSC Thulasi One Time Registration for 2018

 How to register under KPSC THULASI:

Registering for KPSC THULASI is a simple job but it requires a few things some of which are:

  • A photograph of size less than or equal to 30 KB and of resolution 150 width and 200 height.
  • A scanned signature of size less than 20KB of 150 width and 100 height.
  • Make sure to fill in all the details are filled in with utter care and are absolutely correct. For it does happen at time that the KPSC comes up with notifications specifically for candidates of SC/ST categories or General/OBC categories.
  • Remember that in photograph shoulder portion is visible along with face of the candidate.
  • Have your certificates of qualifications and ID cards with you while you are filling up the details.

KPSC Registration

KPSC Thulasi Registration for New candidates

  • The candidates who are registering for the first time should go to the official website.
  • Click on “register now”.
  • The form gets open in front of the candidate. The candidate is now required to fill in his/her details accurately.
  • The details needed to be filled are: name, address, qualifications, category etc.
  • Upload your photograph and signature along with your ID proof and certificates.
  • Now you have successfully registered and you are eligible to use the THULASI facility.

KPSC Thulasi Login for Already Registered Candidate:

  • Already registered candidate can login to his/her account using his/her username and password he/she used to fill the form while registering.
  • Then he/she can check the notifications he/she is receives after logging in and apply for the job he/she wishes.

How to registered KPSC Thulasi using a software application?

  • Click on sign up if you are a new candidate.
  • Fill in the form from your cell phone.
  • Upload all your certificates and ID proof.
  • Upload your photograph and signature using your cell phone.
  • Make sure the documents and certificates are properly scanned.
  • Your ID will get created and then you can check all the details and notifications on your cell phone regarding KPSC job vacancies.

Already registered?

  • Enter your username and password in the app on your phone.
  • Your notification page gets opened.
  • Now you can check all the details about the job vacancies on your cell phone and apply for the job from there.


  • Once the candidate has registered to THULASI he/she doesn’t have to be confused between the eligibility criteria’s of various job.
  • He/she will automatically know the jobs he/she is applicable for and apply to.
  • From there directly entering the category number he/she can apply for the job directly online.

How to reset password/ID in KPSC THULASI

  • Resetting password or ID in THULASI isn’t a herculean task.
  • To reset user ID you can send an SMS KL USR to 51969 and you would get your user ID in reply to your SMS.
  • If the candidate wants to reset password in place of user ID send your name, date of birth and ID proof details via SMS.
  • The candidate will receive a reply in which he/she will get his/her temporary password which will be of format: – the first six letters of your user id followed by your date of birth in format DD/MM/YY.
  • Example the user ID of a certain candidate is swatiratnani and date of birth is 01/01/98 then the temporary password received in reply from KPSC will be swaitr010198.
  • This temporary password can be changed once you have logged in to your account of THULASI using this temporary password.

A Second Registration in Kerala PSC KPSC THULASI

As it is said THULASI is a onetime registration and a second attempt to it is not possible. The website or app blocks you if you try to register a second time using same contact number and ID proof.

If you have lost all the details to recover your account there are only two options available:

  • First is either you change your number, username and your ID proof that is if you had first logged in through Aadhaar card number now use your Pan card number.
  • Second is contact official support before you create a new profile so you know what and how is to be done.

Does a change of photo and signature is allowed in KPSC Thulasi ?

THULASI does allow the change in a candidate’s signature and photograph. The candidate can visit the official website and check the link for the same. There is a limited time for these changes so the candidate should check notification for the same and do the changes as soon as possible if he/she is willing to the changes.

OTV Certificate

OTV certificate is a onetime verification certificate. KPSC has come up with this concept for those being selected for government job. OTV is given to a candidate after the verification of his/her documents. The originality of the documents results in getting candidate and OTV which is very important and is to be handed over to the authority who is instructing the candidate for the job. The candidate is not permitted to give the interview if he/she doesn’t have an OTV so it is mandatory or every candidate to have OTV before his/her interview.

OTV instructions

The originality of the following documents is to be established:

  • Proof of your birth place
  • Proof of your birth date that is when you were born
  • Your qualification certificates
  • The ID proof (original not a copy of the same) you used while registering.
  • Your category certificate (General, SC, ST or OBC)

Once the candidate is able to prove the originality of his/her documents and verification process is done he/she is provided with an OTV which is mandatory for his/her interview.

KPSC Thulasi Exam Post Status

What is a KPSC Thulasi Hall ticket?

Whether a candidate is selected or not, for which job has he been selected and has gotten a call letter for, which is his/her centre, what is his/her testing time and all the other details are needed to be known by the candidate. All these are mentioned in the Hall ticket.

When the candidate logs in to his/her profile that he/she has created in THULASI during registration he/she can see from the list of options that from which job vacancy he/she has got a call letter. This is known by a small pdf icon made on the right side of that particular vacancy. That pdf is the Admission ticket/Hall ticket of the candidate which he/she has to download and carry to the venue along with him/her without failure.

THULASI profile also helps you in checking your OMR mark. The OMR mark is the result of that particular exam which is available in your profile only for time duration of 02 months so that you can have a look of your mark and maybe your mistakes that you did during your exam so that you can overcome those errors during the second shot of your exam. THULASI provides all the details like:

  • Number of vacancies for a particular post
  • Whether a candidate is selected or not
  • Hall ticket
  • Eligibility criteria

KPSC Thulasi Contact Details

The numbers to contact KPSC call centre are:

  • 04712444428
  • 04712444438
  • 04712555538

KPSC Thulasi Contact

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